My Uganda

Uganda is a country of many contrasts, It is endowed with many accolades, Right from the rising of the sun in the East to the setting of the same in the west. From the north of the country to the west! Uganda is in East Africa, which is a land locked country ,In the North its bordered by Southern Sudan, To the East we have Kenya, To the south we have Tanzania and Rwanda and to the West we have Congo. Entebbe International Airport is out Major airline Terminal that we receive all our inbound and out bound traffic from commodities to our esteemed clients and guests as well as our very own seasoned travelers. We also have several entry points depending on entry or exit to the different neighboring countries

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. To the East of Kampala we travel to the Mighty White Nile, This is where the source of the Nile is, There is also a new suspension bridge that has been commissioned and is operational, This is also known as the tourist hub of Uganda, There are several activities and places to visit. Travel onwards to Mt Elgon this is an amazing area to be Karamoja!! Wow one of the last real native places in existence, A must see! Murchison Falls, This is a place that has made its name throughout history. Kibale National park this is the home of Chimps that are our closest relatives. Semliki, this is a hidden Jem (Our Birding Paradise). Queen Elizabeth National Park, This is named after the Queen of England. Rwenzori Mountains these are amazing mountain peeks that have ice all year round. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, this is where the gentle Giants reside the Mountain Gorillas.